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Possible changes to my financial aid?

As many of you are aware, we are transitioning into a new political season. This year marks the end of President Obama’s second term, and many have campaigned in the hope of taking his seat in the Oval Office. With many new propositions taking effect and a new president taking office in January, there are […]

How To Sleep Better: 5 Helpful Tips

Education is very important, but to give your full effort it is important to get your sleep. Sleep is important to rest body and mind for the next day, so a proper night sleep will help you excel in class or tackle your day at work. What does sleep have to do with college?  Well, one […]

Tuition: Career College vs University

     FINANCIAL AID  Education is a big factor in life, sadly tuition at universities are rising faster than financial aid can cover. So what’s the alternative? Going to a school like Career College Consultants can be a great opportunity because our tuition rates are way lower, and financial aid is available here for those […]

Tips on Writing​ a Killer Cover letter

Writing a cover letter can be easy, but writing a killer cover letter is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Here at Career College Consultants at our Career Service Dep. We help you create your Cover letter from scratch so that you can be Marketable to the job market. Below you will find […]

What to do after your interview?

  Here are a few tips on what to do after a job interview!   First, before leaving the interview find out the time frame of how long their decision process will take. Also, ask if there are any additional steps one must do after the interview. Make sure to take note on how and […]

Medical Assistants are in demand!

There is currently a huge demand for medical assistants! Medical assistants are a vital part of a medical consultation; they record information about the patient, measure vitals, give injections, and many more tasks. Medical assistants are responsible for taking patient information, and are only allowed to share this information with the other medical staff that […]