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What Is The Difference Between a Vocational School Versus The Traditional College Model?

You have completed high school, and you are now looking to get into an exciting career. One of the major decisions you need to make is whether to go to a vocational school or a traditional college model. These models are different, and they have implications for your career life. To make the right decision, you need to be informed.

What is Vocational School?

A vocational school, also known as vocational college or trade school is an alternative to traditional college where most of the curriculum focuses on the specific course, and there are little or no general courses. This substantially reduces the time you spend at vocational school as opposed to traditional college. A good example of an excellent vocational college in California is Eagle Rock College.

Differences between Vocational School and Traditional College

Course Content

One of the main distinguishing factors between vocational school and traditional college is the content in the courses. Traditional college takes a more general approach and encourages students to take on general classes, even those that might not be directly related to their course. You could be a history major and take a few computer science classes if you attend a traditional college.

In a vocational school like Eagle Rock College, however, the focus is on your specific course content. Everything is tailored to meet the course demands, and there is little to no general course requirements. Taking a vocational course is often better because ultimately, the general classes required in traditional schooling rarely apply to your career, so you do not often need them. With trade school, you get real-world skills that you can then apply in your career. You also get to apply the newest methods and techniques as the syllabus is constantly updated with new information. You will also get specialized training that will directly contribute towards your chosen career path. No more learning things that you will never apply.

Number of Classes and Classroom Sizes

Classroom sizes in trade schools are much smaller than those in a traditional college. This is because there are fewer people and hence less traffic. A traditional college will offer almost thrice as large classroom sizes, reducing the level of interaction with students. In trade school, students get more attention from their instructors and are able to learn more effectively as a result. There is increased interaction between students and their instructors, and this enhances the learning experience.

Aside from classroom sizes, trade schools like Eagle Rock College also have fewer classes. With general courses taken out of the equation, there are a smaller number of courses to complete.

Time Taken to Complete

Because vocational schools like Eagle Rock College have fewer courses, it will take you a shorter time to complete your studies compared to a traditional college where the minimum amount of time to complete a degree is four years. Sometimes it could take you up to five years if additional courses are added to your curriculum and you have to take them. At vocational college, the reduced number of courses you are required to take reduces the time you take to finish school, and time is money.

At trade school, you will have a rigorous schedule on your hands. Take your course-specific classes and get your certification in almost half the time.


Once the time taken to complete a course and the number of classes you are required to take are reduced, the next thing to consider is cost. This is one of the major reasons why people opt for trade schools like Eagle Rock College instead of traditional college. Instead of paying for general education classes that will not apply to your career, you will be paying for classes that will actually make a difference in your ultimate career goals.

Work Opportunities

Finding the right job to jumpstart your career can be a big hassle. With trade school, you can easily get connected with future employers. Trade school is very career-specific and employers in certain industries like the medical industry have close ties to trade schools so they can source for potential employees. A school like Eagle Rock College will go further and train you on resume and interviewing skills to make sure you are prepared for the next step.

Trade schools have several advantages over traditional colleges. Consider joining a college like Eagle Rock College where you can fast track your career and join the job market sooner than you would have expected.

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