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What is a GI Bill?

The GI Bill allows veterans from any branch of the military to participate in beneficial services, depending on his or her duty status and eligibility. One arm of the bill is designed to assist them by providing them an option to get an education.

Another benefit that is actively used by eligible veterans for educational purposes is the Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Program, which entitles veterans to receive vocational training if they have a disability that occurred in association with service to the country.

A veteran who has been honorably discharged, has applied for services, and has at least a 10 percent service-related disability, is eligible to be evaluated. If the evaluation is successful, a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor makes the determination whether a disability exists and works with the veteran to formulate a course of action. The benefit makes it possible for the counselor to assist him or her in determining job skills and to help identify possible employment opportunities.

Eagle Rock College is accredited Vocational Trade School whose veterans can take advantage of the GI Bill to learn a viable skill that can make a difference in their lives. The Post 9/11 GI Bill was updated with the Forever GI Bill, which was passed by Congress in 2017. It removes the original limit of 15 years to use the benefits. The new bill is quite extensive in its reach and its eligibility requirements. Another important change to the GI Bill is allowing independent study for students.

As a testament to its capable, dedicated staff, Eagle Rock College produces job-ready applicants. They assist students with job placement, accommodate their schedules by offering day and night classes, and offer opportunities for internships in their chosen profession. Veterans looking for exciting careers need look no further. Eagle Rock College offers stimulating career choices at either their main campus in Eagle Rock or their satellite campus in (Wilshire) Los Angeles. Admissions advisors help steer trainees to areas best suited to their interests, skills, and personalities.

Students can receive Associate Degrees in Health Information Technology and become technicians in the field, or they can pursue programs that lead to a diploma in areas that include business management, software development, medical assisting, and medical billing and coding.

The right vocational school should be decided by its services to students, its faculty and facilities, its completion rate and its placement rate. Eagle Rock College gets an “A” in all of these areas. The hands-on training and small class size give students a close-knit affection for one another and allows students to work toward their potential without the massiveness of general education course requirements. Students dive into their chosen field much earlier than they would in a four-year institution and can complete their study more rapidly, allowing them to join the work force at a quicker rate.

The number of veterans who can benefit from the GI Bill continues to grow. Many of them go into the military immediately after graduation from high school. They have a chance to mature while serving their country, so, when they return, they may be more prepared to think about career choices. Eagle Rock College is there to meet that need and the GI Bill provides the financial means to do it.

Eagle Rock College is a highly viable alternative to a four-year commitment of time and expense, and the incomparable quality of the educational environment is no exception. When you factor in the cost of a full bachelor’s degree, including the extraneous classes needed to round out the curriculum, the early start in the work force afforded by a trade school allows you to gain experience, which is what employers are always looking for when they are hiring.

Skills which require meticulousness are in demand, and they are only going to increase as more seniors retire and a younger work force is needed to replace them. Four-year college degrees do not meet the needs of many students, who, for varied reasons, find the trade school to be more appropriate for their style of learning.

At Eagle Rock College the diverse student population makes it comfortable for students of every background and strengthens the character of the school. Learn more at

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