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What are the Job Prospects and Employability of Software Developers?

As the world becomes technologically advanced, software developers are increasingly needed. Software Developers are individuals who: write, manage, and create software programs. All computers, tablets, smart phones, or any handheld device utilizes software programs. Robots, cars with computerized engines, e-readers, and small appliances use software programs. Software programmers are employed in many different industries. Developers have a high paying salary: software developers make $90,000-$109,000 per year. 220,000 software programmers will be added to the workforce by 2022.

What is a Software Developer?

A software developer creates the software programs that run computers and all other devices. Devices need a software developer to maintain, operate, and help them function. Each program or application on a device is written in code, by a software programmer. A device is a computer or smartphone, tablet, or e-reader. For example, your tablet has a program you use to access your email client. This program is called “software”. C# programming or Java are two coding languages used to create code for software programs. Software tells your tablet or other devices how to open your email through the Internet.

Each day software developers write code for new software programs. Developers maintain existing software, fix bugs or errors in software programs, and manage databases. Application developers create new applications, and repair older applications. Software developers are organized into two primary categories: application developers and system developers. Application (app) developers create code for applications housed on your smart phone or tablet. An application is a small program downloaded on a mobile device. For example, Instagram, a photo sharing app, connects people all over the world.

System developers create software for your computer, tablet, or robot. Developers also work with databases, the Internet, software management, and they fix problems with current software programs. Software programmers work across many industries.

In What Industries are Software Developers Employed?

Developers are mainly employed by the computer service industry, but developers also work in the insurance and finance industry as well. Other developers are employed by the manufacturing industry. These developers program software for robots who perform tasks in warehouses. As numerous new devices, (such as a high-tech blenders), become computerized, the more developers will be needed. The automotive industry employs developers for their high-tech engines and computerized cars that drive themselves.

What Is A Great College To Attend To Become a Software Developer?

Eagle Rock College has a 900-hour Software Developer Essentials program. Although many colleges offer software Development programs, ERC is different because it offers both classes and an internship program. As part of their curriculum, an internship program offers students an opportunity to first study software development. Then, students can participate in a hands-on experience practicing what they have learned.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Eagle Rock College’s software developer Essentials diploma program has coursework that includes: Java, C# programming, and Psychology of Success. Students complete 30 hours of coursework weekly. Day and evening classes are available for students to finish their classes. Students attend classes for 740 hours. Once students have completed their classes, students begin an internship program with a software development company. Internships are personal and tailored to each student’s interests. During the internship phase of their diploma program, students put into practice the skills, and information they learned while completing their course work.

Advisors are qualified to help students with coursework, financial aid, and all aspects of their Software Developer Essentials program. Resources are provided to further students’ knowledge, and tutoring is offered for students who may be struggling.

Become A Software Developer

Potential Software Developers after reading this article, has your interest in software development peaked? If so, remember developers earn an excellent salary which can range from $90,000 a year to up to over $220,000. New software developers will be needed in the workforce by 2022. Developers are in high demand, are creative, technical, and have the ability to work in many industries. Eagle Rock College offers a great program to become a software programmer, a hands-on internship program, and knowledgeable staff. Begin your new career as a programmer today.

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