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How Long Does it Take to Find Your Career?

Some people are born lucky with an idea of what they want to become or where they want to work. But for most, the question is too big to answer early and may require a considerable amount of time and effort to proactively find where you fit and what makes you the happiest. The question “how long does it take to actually find the career path that’s right for you?” varies from one person to the next. But figuring it out as soon as possible is important to start working on the professional foundation necessary to make a long-term impact in your respective field.

Finding a potentially rewarding career doesn’t have to be a tedious process, however. Simplify your career-searching with these five tips:

Pay Attention to Subtle Signs

Your sub-consciousness might be leaving clues as to what professional direction you should be taking. All you have to do is listen closely. Pay close attention to the events that transpire in your life, from the people you interact with to the places that pull you in. These subtle things can be signs to what you truly want. Right after waking up, write down anything you can remember from your dreams the night before. Bring a notepad with you everywhere you go so you can easily jot down notes about things that you think about.

Think About Your Childhood Days

What were you so busy doing when you were a kid? Your childhood can serve as a gateway to your inner desires and passions. It’s a time when your mind prioritizes creativity and innovation over making money and other materialistic ventures. If you like doodling as a kid, this could possibly hint to a career in graphic design. For those who loved building houses and communities with LEGOs, interior design and architecture are possible careers that you might find appealing.

Start Checking Out Colleges

Visiting some local colleges and universities is a good way to get a feel of what profession actually clicks with you. Campus tours offer you a look into the student lifestyle and, more importantly, give you a brief but precise introduction to what the field of study entails. For example, Eagle Rock College, a school based in California, can take you on a tour through their Los Angeles-based facility where they provide quality hands-on training on a variety of professional fields.

Say Yes to Opportunities

Until you actually figure out what you want to do as a career, keep grabbing opportunities that present themselves. Saying “yes” to a friend who needs help with their robotics project or stage play can accidentally blossom into a hobby that will eventually lead to becoming a full-time career. Try to do things that you haven’t done before, whether it’s public speaking or starting a small business. A daily routine provides structure to your life, but it also restricts your creativity.

Look at Who Your Friends Are

The people you spend the most time with is another commonly overlooked sign of what you’re supposed to be doing with your life. If you enjoy spending time and trading facts with friends who work in, for example, Software or Finance, there is a big chance that you might actually enjoy working in the same career path.

Final Thoughts

Spend time and deliberate effort on identifying what you want to do. As tacky as the saying “YOLO” goes, which is short for “you only live once”, it is the harsh reality that we have to live with. Make sure you spend your lifetime doing something that you actually enjoy doing. Once you’ve settled what profession you want to do, start applying for college. Choose a legitimate and trusted educational institution, such as Eagle Rock College, to help you get set up for your professional career.

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