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Why is Eagle Rock College the Best Choice for Medical Billing and Coding Training?

You’re moving up in life, and you’ve chosen one of the hottest fields of medicine, medical billing and medical coding. You don’t want to spend years getting a medical degree, but you know the medical field is here to stay.

Medical billing and medical coding is a fantastic choice for someone who wants the security of a job in the medical field without sacrificing too many years of school. But where can you go to get the training you need?

Eagle Rock College in Los Angeles, California, should be on your shortlist, and there are a variety of reasons why. Let’s take a look at the list and get you started on a rewarding, stable career.

  1. It’s accredited

And not just that. It’s one of only three AHIMA accredited medical billing and medical coding programs in California.

AHIMA’s Professional Certificate Approved Program (PCAP). The program has been peer reviewed against national minimum standards and will provide preparation for entry-level professionals in the field area.

  1. Staff has real-world experience

The faculty has professional experience working for diverse healthcare companies, which is a valuable tool for students who may be entering the field for the first time. Each faculty member not only has the education credentials but a clear idea of what is expected of medical billing and medical coding in a variety of work environments.

  1. Stand-alone CCS exam prep program

The entire program can be completed quickly, and because it’s AHIMA certified, it will offer areas that other non-certified programs do not. Students can learn both in-patient and out-patient coding, medical reimbursement methodologies, electronic information systems, and other areas not offered in other programs. Students are also trained in legal compliance issues.

The comprehensive program is still flexible enough to be completed during weekends. Students can call for a free evaluation to find areas of deficiency. Students complete the training on Saturdays and then take the exam to demonstrate their proficiency.

  1. Financial aid is available

Good news. Eagle Rock College is eligible for many types of federal student aid including Pell grant and student loan programs. They can also help you find private funding if that is something you need.

You can also use your Veterans benefits here if you are former military. Eagle Rock College makes it simple to report enrollment and attendance because the staff is trained in this financial area.

There’s no need to wait until you’ve saved money for the entire program. There are funds available for you to start right away, and the Eagle Rock College financial aid department is ready to help you find the best funding plan for your unique situation.

  1. It’s located in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a thriving city and still one of the most exciting places to live in the US. The market for medical billing and medical coding here is enormous and attending Eagle Rock College in the middle of everything only helps make school that much more interesting.

The staff is ready to help students network and find work in the Los Angeles medical industry. It’s possible to visit places and gain experience right where you already live and work, or if you’re moving to Los Angeles, to find employment quickly.

Eagle Rock College offers one of the best programs in the Los Angeles area and the state of California, and between the accredited certificate program and the stand-alone CCS exam preparation course, students will have exactly what they need to train and get to work.

Don’t wait; there are job openings right now that need qualified individuals. By this time next year, you could be making a solid living as a medical billing and medical coding specialist. Leave your financial worries behind and take the next step with Eagle Rock College in Los Angeles.

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