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Software Developer Program in Los Angeles College
What are the Job Prospects and Employability of Software Developers?

As the world becomes technologically advanced, software developers are increasingly needed. Software Developers are individuals who: write, manage, and create software programs. All computers, tablets, smart phones, or any handheld device utilizes software programs. Robots, cars with computerized engines, e-readers, and small appliances use software programs. Software programmers are employed in many different industries. Developers […]

GI Bill Approved School in Los Angeles
What is a GI Bill?

The GI Bill allows veterans from any branch of the military to participate in beneficial services, depending on his or her duty status and eligibility. One arm of the bill is designed to assist them by providing them an option to get an education. Another benefit that is actively used by eligible veterans for educational […]

Financial Aid Options for Returning Students at Eagle Rock College
Financial Aid Options for Returning Students

So, you’re thinking about going back to college. One of the biggest hindrances for potential students returning to college is money. They think they can’t afford to go back to school, so they don’t even begin looking into their options. There are, however, many options that make it so that those who are thinking about […]

Should I go back to College - Eagle Rock College
I’m Unemployed, Should I Go Back to College?

Being unemployed feels scary and frustrating. Knowing what to do during this time can mean the difference between finding a new job or not. While many of the unemployed spend their days pounding the pavement, others have taken refuge in the halls of academia. It turns out that this actually proves to be a very […]

Colleges in Los Angeles - Eagle Rock College
Should I Change To A New Career?

It is not uncommon for a professional to question whether their career is on the right track, or if they made the right career choice. It is inevitable that your tastes and preferences may change. Perhaps the career you entered years ago is no longer the same, and you aren’t drawn to it the way […]