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Tips on Writing​ a Killer Cover letter

Writing a cover letter can be easy, but writing a killer cover letter is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Here at Career College Consultants at our Career Service Dep. We help you create your Cover letter from scratch so that you can be Marketable to the job market. Below you will find […]

What to do after your interview?

  Here are a few tips on what to do after a job interview!   First, before leaving the interview find out the time frame of how long their decision process will take. Also, ask if there are any additional steps one must do after the interview. Make sure to take note on how and […]

Career College Job Placement Rates

What makes us different from other career colleges? Recently with the closure of many career and vocational schools like ITT Tech, DeVry, and Everest among we are left to question schools of such nature. Luckily, here at Career College Consultants, we offer a different type of program. We are an accredited institution, where our statistics […]

Resources: Working for the county

Hello students and viewers, Here below you will find a link to a few booklets where they give you tips on how to update your resume and be interview ready for your next county interview !   Resume guide:   Interview guide:   Good luck !

Investing in your education:

INVESTING IN YOUR CAREER  When researching a school you want to be able to see the pros and cons of the school  Where you are going to invest your time. It isn’t an easy decision. But here at Career College Consultants, we are known for our honesty and our investment in our students. Not only […]

Speaking with confidence:

We communicate everywhere we go, we communicate with our family members, with our co- workers and even the Uber driver ! There are so many ways we can communicate: through speaking, body language, and facial expressions, just to name a few.  When you’re driving by West Hollywood and you see a billboard, that is another […]

Career services:

MORE ABOUT CCC CAREER SERVICES: Career college consultants gives you the opportunity to be able to work with our staff members in the career service one on one. Career services will be your back bone throughout  your career and even after you graduate you will have the opportunity to come back anytime. We offer life […]

Phone interview:

PHONE INTERVIEW  phone interviews are great, One it prepares you for the actual face to face interview or two you and the employer will realize other candidates are better fit for that job position due to the schedule or lack of interest.  – Phone interviews are less nerve racking and more relaxed. Their are many […]