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Career Services

“We are dedicated to empowering students with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently pursue their career goals and find meaningful employment.”

We make choices that are deeply rooted in the best interests of students to empower them in the pursuit of meaningful professional opportunities and relationships.

The Career Services empowers students to reflect on their talents and experiences, explore their career options and achieve their career goals. By working directly with students and collaborating with a broad array of partners, communities and networks, our team facilitates programs, activities and services that enable students to take ownership of their career decisions and lead meaningful professional lives.
Career Development & Job Placement classes are provided as part of the program. Guest speakers, lecturers, employers, and placed graduates will be invited to provide their professional experiences and knowledge to current students. Also, the department provides each student with a variety of career services which include:

  • Professional Workshop and Seminar on a Variety of Topics
  • Career Counseling
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Resume and Cover Letter Critiques
  • Career Change Strategies
  • Interview Techniques and Tips
  • Support Group/Networking
  • Time Management Coaching

All Services Are Free and Confidential

Students will receive opportunities to create a working resume through their program, with the most up to date information about creating the most successful resumes. From the beginning until the end of the student program we will assist and educate individuals on how to create and re-create resumes to fit job opportunities. Jobs Skills WorkshopWorkshops, lessons, and presentations are regularly given to ensure students knowledge and working skills will be market ready upon graduation. Mock interviews, career fairs, and other opportunities towards work experience are all part of preparing students for their future.

Through  Eagle Rock College’s graduated alumni, employers, staff, and students, individuals are able to network with a wide variety of people and companies that may become that perfect fit towards individual’s program and goals.

We offer externships at the end of a student’s training. These positions offer students a chance to work in their new career field, giving them valuable hands-on experience before they apply for their first job. We are currently working with more than 50 respected healthcare employers; some of our graduates have been hired to work right after completion of their externship.

Towards finding a job opportunity, individuals are able to set an appointment with Career Services to prepare and create plans towards finding the perfect job opportunity. Job leads sent through email, career services facebook page, and in our house Job Opportunity Board are updated with the opportunities as often as they come. Even after graduation, alumni are always welcome to utilize our assistance in finding a job. No guarantees are made concerning job placement as an inducement to enroll, nor can promises be made that placement is guaranteed upon graduation.

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