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All About AHIMA Accreditation: Part One

If you’re an aspiring Medical Billing & Coding Specialist, you may have arrived at Eagle Rock College’s website already knowledgeable about the value and importance of an AHIMA certification. But surely even the most well-researched prospective students will find themselves with questions, and our experienced team is here to provide some well-deserved answers.

What is AHIMA Accreditation?

AHIMA accreditation is a prestigious accolade given to academic institutions by the Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM). Receiving this accreditation is rare; in fact, only three schools in the whole state of California have been bestowed this honor, and Eagle Rock College is proud to be one of them! For students, choosing an accredited program, this is an imperative step towards preparedness for the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS®) exam.

Why Should I Seek An Accredited Program?

The reasons are plentiful! AHIMA Certification is essential to those looking to expand their professional esteem, increase their salary expectations, attain a network of other AHIMA-certified professionals and so much more. What’s more, only schools that are AHIMA-accredited can confidently provide the subject matter and preparedness that will truly equip students for taking the CCS Certification examination.

The importance of coding accuracy in healthcare simply cannot be understated as errors can have a significant impact not only on the revenue streams of medical organizations and individual practices, but also on patient outcomes. For this reason, it is critical that the professionals entering the workforce as newly-minted medical billing and coding specialists bring with them a mastery of coding proficiency, and an AHIMA certification represents just that to the prospective colleagues, employers and patients.

Why Should I Choose Eagle Rock College?

At Eagle Rock College, we believe our success is your success. Eagle Rock College prepares our students for the certification exam by ensuring they know how to properly review records for patients and code for their diagnoses and necessary procedures. The College also teaches our students how to use the proper medical language and the coding systems necessary for the certification exam. We provide the students wishing to take the CCS examination with the courses necessary to be eligible, among them, Inpatient and Outpatient Coding, Completion of Claim Forms as well as Electronic Info Systems.

At Eagle Rock College, the path to certification is virtually outlined for students, ending with success on their final certification exam. With the College’s exceptional short-term program for preparation, being eligible and performing well on the CCS is beyond attainable and manageable. Becoming a Certified Coding Specialist, a highly demanded individual in today’s healthcare industry, is easily accessible for those wishing to achieve satisfying, profitable employment by attending Eagle Rock College’s AHIMA Certified Medical Billing and Coding Program.

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