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“How I obtained a position with Prime health Care” – By: Lorena Rodriguez

As the New Year begins we would like to share a review from one of our recently graduated, certified, and hired student! Thank you Ms. Lorena Rodriguez for your kind words and inspiration for our future students!

“Hi everyone!
After more than a few months of searching and just shy of christmas eve I got the second best news of 2016… I GOT A JOB !!!! ( the first good news was that of passing my CCS exam.. lol)
I have obtained a position with Prime healthcare as an entry level Biller ( for a hospital) with the possibility to move into the coding department in the near future! ( they like to promote from within)My 3 week training starts in the new year ! I would like to personally thank Mrs. Nonette for that referral to Aerotek.

Aerotek referred me to their office in Ontario, Ca and that is where I got the job.
It has been a struggle trying to get my foot in the door with my lack of experience in the field. So I am grateful for this opportunity.

Some of my other classmates are still looking for work. But I plan to get in contact with them and encourage them to sign on with Aerotek. They have been the agency that works hard to get you in someplace.

Again Thank you Mrs. Christine and Mrs. Nonette, For your knowledge and your patients. In my experience, coming from a career line totally different from what I will be doing now, my biggest challenge has been rewiring my mind to think in this new language.
So if you happen to read this to any future Coders/ Billers who are entering This as a new career, I have a message for them. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, Go online, read the process of what a biller does, what a coder does, look through job listings and look at the requirements. if there is something listed that you don’t think has been covered in class.. Write it down and ask your instructor they will be happy to explain it to you in greater detail and then learn it.

Because when you step into that interview with a potential employer, they are going to ask you ” So tell me why you would be the best candidate for this position” … you better know what you are talking about. Because they can see right through the bull.
I am still studying all the material that was given to me in school. Stuff I didn’t want to read because I felt it was soo boring is now the most important stuff I need to know!
This did not happen for me overnight. i had to persist and at times i was very discouraged because many places are looking for experience But do not give up hope. it may not happen overnight but if this is what you want, you gotta be ready to work hard for it and start from the ground up.

A professional appearance is crucial. Look the part. That was one of the first things that was mentioned to me by my recruiter after my interview with my potential employer. I was complimented on my professional appearance and passion for what I have learned and that I represented my recruiting agency well. Even though I have no previous experience in this field I spoke about what I had learned in school and how that helped me during my externship obtained through ERC.

They want to know that you are looking for a career not just another job. that you are willing to deal with the daily stresses of a job with a good attitude because you are a professional. “When you know your job well the stress is less”- that is a personal quote, you can totally use it 🙂

Ms. Mellisa , Thank you for helping me with my resume and for your job searching tips, they were very helpful. Thank YOU , THANK YOU , THANK YOU, ALL ! 2016 was rough,no doubt about it, But it will officially be all in the past in a matter of one week. SO I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year ! And A toast to FRESH STARTS!!!!”
-Lorena R

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