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The Importance of an AHIMA Certification.

If you or anyone you know completed a Medical Billing and Coding program that is not approved by AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association), please let them know that Eagle Rock College has a stand-alone program that will prepare the students for the CCS. There are dozens of Medical Billing and Coding program in California but only 3 are accredited by AHIMA, and we are one of them. We get prospective students who graduated from a program that is not accredited by AHIMA and cannot get gainful employment because they lack the proper certification. And in today’s industry, an AHIMA certification, specifically a Certified Coding Specialist, is what is highly in demand. Once you start applying for medical coding positions you will soon learn that an AHIMA Certification is what is required in today’s industry.

We’re glad to let you know that Eagle Rock College has a stand-alone program to offer students an opportunity to learn medical coding under AHIMA’s guidelines.  Our school offers subjects that non AHIMA schools do not. Specifically, they will learn In-Patient and Out-Patient Coding, Reimbursement Methodologies, Completion of Claim Forms, Electronic Info Systems, and Healthcare Delivery Systems, and much more. These topics will prepare them for the CCS certification, an opportunity they didn’t have at their previous school.

The stand-alone program is short term and will be offered on Saturdays. For a free evaluation to find out what deficiencies you have, please call at 323-254-2203 and speaking with a representative at the Admissions Department.

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