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How To Sleep Better: 5 Helpful Tips


Education is very important, but to give your full effort it is important to get your sleep. Sleep is important to rest body and mind for the next day, so a proper night sleep will help you excel in class or tackle your day at work. What does sleep have to do with college?  Well, one of the biggest things college students go through is lack of sleep and high levels of stress, this causes them to not perform at their full potential.

Here a few tips that may help you get a better sleep:

  1. Get comfortable: Get into some comfortable clothing whether it’s pajamas or not, find clothing that you feel most comfortable sleeping in. They key to initiate a good sleep is to feel as relaxed as possible so find light breathable clothing.
  2. Watch what you eat before going to sleep: Eating excessively before bed can make you feel discomfort that can keep you up at night. Also, avoid drinking sugary or caffeine-based drinks like coffee before bed, so they don’t energize you and keep you up longer.
  3. Lack of nutrients: Lack of Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Potassium may be linked to insomnia and lack of sleep. Evaluate your diet and see if you are lacking any of these nutrients. If you are, eat better foods that provide them or consider consulting with a doctor about using supplements to make up for the lack of nutrients.
  4. Don’t Stress: Leave the stresses of today and deal with them tomorrow. Try simple stress releasing methods like breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, listen to music, exercise and the list goes on. Sleep is a good time to take away from daily stress, so try not to take your stress into your sleeping time.
  5. Turn off electronics: Put your cell phone off to the side, turn off the today and turn off the lights. Don’t get distracted on social media, or get caught up watching 2 seasons of your favorite show all night on Netflix. Better alternative is to read a book or a magazine, because artificial lights created by electronics can disrupt sleep patterns.

Hopefully these tips will help you sleep better during college, and we wish you all a great sleep my friends!

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