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Tuition: Career College vs University




Education is a big factor in life, sadly tuition at universities are rising faster than financial aid can cover. So what’s the alternative? Going to a school like Career College Consultants can be a great opportunity because our tuition rates are way lower, and financial aid is available here for those who qualify! The average tuition at a University is about $32,000. The majority of our courses are in between $2,000 and $18,000! Not to mention you will be done in about nine months are ready to join the workforce and make a good earning for you and your family! The flexibility you have at a career college to pay less money for a great education, shorter time, and better student to instructor ratio, and being able to start your career faster, are what makes schools like CCC a better choice.

Make the right choice to invest in your education and choose CCC, you’ll get a fast return on your investment. We offer courses in some of the most demanded industries like medical and the computer industry. Don’t graduate in four years then have to learn some experience, learn from hands on experience provided in our curriculum. Our curriculum is carefully tailored to meet the requirements of industry demands.

Career College provides flexibility on class times for working professionals, an emphasis on vocational training, short-term courses, and job placement as well. These are things that are hard to find at most universities. Sure you can go to a university pay a high tuition to learn the theory or for half the price you can learn the hands on training that employers are looking for all in about nine months!

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