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Tips on Writing​ a Killer Cover letter


Writing a cover letter can be easy, but writing a killer cover letter is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Here at Career College Consultants at our Career Service Dep. We help you create your Cover letter from scratch so that you can be Marketable to the job market. Below you will find tips on how to write a killer Cover letter.

To Whom It May Concern – It may seem like the easiest way to start your cover letter would be with “To Whom it May Concern”… But to be honest the best thing to do is to research the company you are submitting your Cover letter and resume. To Search for the name of the Hiring Manager that way he or she sees the extra effort you took into researching the company and you can be seen more interested.

Introducing Yourself – Write about where you studied, what degrees you have, Professional Work experience you have. Be confident about your accomplishments whether they are Educational Accomplishments or Career Accomplishments talk about them. Talk about how you found out about this job position (Give the Job Title). If you are passionate about this company tell them why you want to work for the company.

Selling Yourself – You don’t have to be aggressive when selling yourself Be confident, sound excited about the job, sound Passionate about what you do. Talk about what you can bring to the table. Why is it that you are so driven to work for the company and what skills do you have that you can be beneficial for the job position you are applying for. Employers like to hire workers that are ambitious and hard-working, with that said if you want to grow within a company write about how you want to grow within the company. If you have experience working in the field and have worked for any other company write about the positive things you brought to the company. If you have any references attach a separate sheet with the name and contact information of the Employer or professional colleague.

The best way to have a more successful cover letter to present to the potential employer is to be able to customize it specific for the job position and employer you are submitting online through or presenting the cover letter to at the interview.  Why are this tips helpful for my cover letter ?  The more marketable your cover letter is the better the chance of getting a positive result.  Customize your cover letter every time you submit for a new job.

  • Don’t forget to take a few copies to your Interview 🙂 



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