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What to do after your interview?



Here are a few tips on what to do after a job interview!


First, before leaving the interview find out the time frame of how long their decision process will take. Also, ask if there are any additional steps one must do after the interview. Make sure to take note on how and when to follow up after the interview. Make sure to get a business card or their contact information, and ask what’s the best way to follow up, email or phone.

Keep applying and don’t hold off your job search! A big mistake that a lot of people do is holding off their job search after they get an interview. Getting a job, like many things is a numbers game, it be great if we get a job at the first and only place we apply too but it usually doesn’t work that way. The key to a good job search is too apply at multiple employers and keep applying to more places even when interviews have been scheduled. Don’t hold off on applying to places until you actually sign the conformation of employment contract with a company!


Write a thank you note! Write your interviewer a note thanking them for their time, and the chance to interview for the position they are offering. Don’t try to sell yourself more on the note, that’s what the interview was for. A nice handwritten letter makes it feel more personal. Email the person your letter no later than 2 days after the interview has passed.

Learn from your interview! Hopefully you did great in that interview and got the job, but it’s also good to reflect back on the pros and cons of each interview. Look back and analyze the questions asked and your responses. Most employers will ask similar questions about yourself, your education, and previous work experience so make sure to brush up on your potential responses to these questions. Also, look back at the way you felt during the interview, were you nervous at certain times? Find ways to deal with the nervousness and try to think of the things that trigger it to try to avoid it for your next interview.

And the most important thing is don’t give up hope! Finding a job takes time and effort, so don’t give up just keep trying and the perfect opportunity will come.

We have a Career Service Department that can help you get interview ready, and will help you throughout your interview process. You will have access to job opportunities within your filed of study. We also host workshops to educate you, train you, help you get ready, and get you updated on your industries current demands!


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