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What does the Career Service Department offer?

The career service department not only helps you with finding the right externship opportunity or getting you placed, but they also guide you through your career. Here below are a few of the services that the Career Services offer:

Create / Update your cover letter – A cover letter is used to tell a little about your self to the employer, why you are the right fit, and anything outstanding that you have accomplished that is eye-catching!

Create / Update your resume – A resume is the first thing an employer asks from you. You need one so that they can know your education, work experience, and skills. Here at CCC we can help you create your resume, whether it is from scratch or you just need to update it.

Provide the student with job leads within their career industry – Job leads are opportunities that will be sent through email, or through a hard copy for students after they are done with their externship. This is in order so the student to be able to have access to opportunities within their career field, so they can get placed.

Workshops – These workshops will be presented to you by our Career Service Professionals, that will prepare you for your interviews. Topics such as how to answer questions that employers will ask you, how to dress for success, and how to network with employers. The reason why we offer these workshops while you are enrolled is because we want you to be ready for that big interview!

Resources – The Career Service Department, not only train you to be able to ace your interview, but we will also help you with any resources you need whether it is finding a new apartment, a new job while you are attending CCC, or help you find resources to be able to have transportation. Here at CCC  we care about each and every student, that’s why we go above and beyond for each and every student.

Call us today to get more information about the Career Service Department and how our resources can help you succeed! (323) 254-2203

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify! 


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