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Investing in your education:


When researching a school you want to be able to see the pros and cons of the school  Where you are going to invest your time. It isn’t an easy decision. But here at Career College Consultants, we are known for our honesty and our investment in our students. Not only will you be investing in your education, but CCC College will also be investing in you, because we genuinely care about you and your new career. 

Here are a few pros that Career College Consultants offer to our potential students / Students once they are enrolled with us: 

  • We are legit – Unlike other trade colleges CCC is known for being authentic. Our focus is education and job placement. ( We want our students to be successful)
  • We offer various different programs – CCC offers Medical Assistant, Computer and Graphic Design, Computer Repair, Computer Office Management, Pharmacy Tech, and Medical Billing and Coding
  • We are affordable – you will have access to speak to our financial aid expert. to learn more about and see that we are priced very competitively, so that you save more money with us than any other college in the are. 
  • The professors are knowledgeable -The quality of our education is what makes us stand out ! Our teachers are not only knowledgeable but they make sure each and every student knows their craft. 
  • We want you to succeed – We have the career service department were we offer externship opportunities job placement opportunities, and much more !We will be their for you from A-Z in your career. 
  • Campus location – Our campus is located in the L.A area. 
  • Resources – We offer varous resources for you.
  • It does not stop there, even when you have graduated or already are placed in your new career ! with a good job, we offer to you LIFE TIME SERVICE ! This means that even though you have graduated you can always come back to us for any questions, help or concerns in your career and jobs opportunities. 




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