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Career services:



Career college consultants gives you the opportunity to be able to work with our staff members in the career service one on one. Career services will be your back bone throughout  your career and even after you graduate you will have the opportunity to come back anytime. We offer life time career service. This is one of the qualities that make CCC unique and stand out from the crowd. 

list of the services that the department of career services offers: 

Resume Development: Students will receive opportunities to create a working resume through their program, with the most up to date information about creating the most successful resumes. From the beginning until the end of the students program we will assist and educate individuals on how to create and re-create resumes to fit job opportunities.

*The resume development also includes the cover letter development which gives you will be able to submit along with your resume to job opportunities. 

Jobs Skills Workshop: Workshops, lessons and presentations are regularly given to ensure students knowledge and working skills will be market ready upon graduation. Mock interviews, career fairs, and other opportunities towards work experience are all part of preparing students for their future.




Networking Opportunities: Through CCC’s graduated alumni, employers, staff, and students, individuals are able to network with a wide variety of people and companies that may become that perfect fit towards individual’s program and goals.

Externship Site Coordination: Programs that require an externship are coordinated according to the demand of the sites, and locations available per student. For programs that do not require an externship, students are able to request an opportunity if they are available within the location and schedule of both the student and the potential sites.


Job Placement Assistance: Towards finding a job opportunity, individuals are able to set an appointment with Career Services to prepare, and create plans towards finding the perfect job opportunity. Job leads sent through email, career services facebook page, and in our house Job Opportunity Board are updated with the opportunities as often as they come. Even after graduation, alumni are always welcome to utilize our assistance in finding a job.
No guarantees are made concerning job placement as an inducement to enroll, nor can promises be made that placement is guaranteed upon graduation.

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