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Phone interview:


the phone interview

phone interviews are great, One it prepares you for the actual face to face interview or two you and the employer will realize other candidates are better fit for that job position due to the schedule or lack of interest. 

– Phone interviews are less nerve racking and more relaxed. Their are many ways you can prepare yourself for a phone interview. Here are a few tips on how to be phone interview ready : 

♦ When you are job hunting be prepared to receive phone calls from different employers or hiring managers. When you see a random number answer: it most likely will be an employer wanting to speak to you about his or her interest in setting up a face to face interview with you or having an on phone screening.

What is a screening?

A screening is the same as a phone interview. You can call it Pre- screening, screening or phone interview. 

what happens when I am having a phone interview or a phone screening ?  

Usually the employer or hiring manager introduces himself and tells you that they had a look at your resume online or if you walked in to hand it to the employer themselves, clinic etc,they will usually say they are interested in meeting with you or some employers are a bit hesitant when it comes to hiring they are very busy, therefore they think its ideal to do a pre screening interview. 

In the Pre screening interview the hiring manager or employer will: 

  • Introduce himself 
  • introduce the company for you
  • ask about your work history
  • ask about your education
  • ask about your schedule and availability
  • what area do you live in  ( they want to see if its not to far for you to commute) 
  • they will most likely mention how much their pay will be and if you are okay with that 
  • ask what are you currently doing right now? are you in college, working, or unemployed

Tips on how to carry yourself on the phone interview: 

Have your resume in front of you so that you can use when they ask you about your work history, make sure your phone is charged, have a pen or pencil to write down any address for the 2nd interview. 

  • introduce yourself 
  • talk about your work history experience
  • talk about why you think you are a great fir for that job 
  • be ambitious when speaking to the hiring manger or employer, remember you have to show your interest and enthusiasm in the job position you applied for.
  • try to be as flexible with your schedule as you can 
  • if they mention you how much the position pays, be flexible ex: This position pays $20.00 – $21.00 HR. future employee: That sounds perfect actually, we can def. work something out how about we do $20.00. I KNOW! a dollar makes a difference but showing calmness flexibility shows alot of good character. ( Just think about sales, if someone offers to do a job for $10.00 hrs and someone else for $13.00 the less the better for the employer, and that one dollar can just get you the job. 
  • avoid mentioning bad job experiences you had – try to turn the negative into the positive

    When you get the interview: 

  • Congratulations! you passed round one ! now you have to Ac’e round two. For tips on interview tips please check our post: Being yourself at the interview, how to overcome the fear of public speaking, Landing the job, and preparing for the job interview. 





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