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B E – Y O U R – O W N BOSS ! (CGWD)

Have you ever wondered what a life of an entrepreneur is like ? Here at Career College Consultants you will be able to choose form Varies careers that we offer, we offer career where you can be your own boss ! 

C a r e e r    c h o i c e  o f    t h e   Day   :

Computer Graphic and Web Design ( CGWD) 

Computer graphic and web Design gives you the opportunity to work for an agency, company or Freelance !


Business 101

You can go to business school to learn about how to run a business, but after business school where do you start ! this is a questions millions of new entrepreneur ask themselves when entering a new industry.  Don’t panic we are here to help you. 

Investing: Start saving money so once you are done with college you will be able to use that money to build your small company from scratch. I encourage students to use their time wisely and to get a part time job on the side that works with their college schedule that way they can either save their money, enjoy it wisely, or save and invest it, if they are planning on going freelance ! 



  • Logo
  • Flyers
  • website
  • Photographer (to shoot professional images of your work) 
  • business cards

P.S – If you have the experience or skills to do a few of this steps like taking photos of your own work professionally, creating your own business care etc. ( don’t be afraid, be confident. We all have to start somewhere. right ?)

Everything is social Media Now  –  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out their, remember their are so many companies, peoples running a small business etc. That need of your service, so be business savy ! 


The platform:

  • Twitter (follow, tweet your current work) 
  • facebook (create a like page)
  • Snap Chat (show footage of your working on a current project) 
  • Instagram (I don’t think you need explanation for this one) 

Other social Media sites: 

  • pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • You-tube

Make sure you don’t forget to have a professional email set up to communicate with your new or potential clients 


N e tworking & Client hunting : 

  • Post on Craiglist the service you are offering
  • Search on google and craiglist brands and companies that are in need of your service 
  • Net – work !   if you want to take your business to the next level ! this is a huge one, you have to be social, go to events around your are where you can communicate with business people. (Never leave an event without 3-5 business cards, of potential clients, people that you think you should have a connection with etc. It will be hard at first but then it will be second nature to you)
  • Let your close friends and family members know that you just started a new business and that your rate is NEG. Word of mouth – is so important as well when starting your freelance company
  • Knock on doors, no don’t actually do that. By knocking on doors I mean, go ahead and  give out your business cards, flyers, and go to small companies around your area seeing if they need your service.


be negotiable at first when starting this Business, remember that you are trying to make connections, new professional relationships with longevity. 

  • A good connection will not make you a career (but yes it can connect you to a new client) 
  • if at first you don’t succeed, try again.
  • you are your own boss, so you decide how much work you would like to put into your career.
  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself our their.
  • Don’t underestimate your talent and skills just because you are a new entrepreneur.



Good Luck in launching your new business, and in your new career as a computer and graphic web designer, if you have any questions or want more tips on how to get started as a freelance Computer graphic and web designer. Please,  don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Thanks, 🙂 

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