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Landing the job !

Landing a job isn’t easy, lets be honest ! but it is possible. It not much about luck its about how you present yourself and how well prepared you are for your interview ! 

I will go in depth on how to communicate with your interviewer ! Here are a few tips on how to communicate well with your interviewer: 

body language interview

It is pretty nerve racking the first few minutes before going to your interviewers office your heart is racing you don’t quit know what to expect. BUT, if you are prepared their is no way that you will experience so much nervousness.

Body language is so important ! be confident, you have so much potential and skills you can offer to this future potential employer. Their is a reason why you GOT THE INTERVIEW.


Improper way : 

interview 2

bad body language 3

  • Don’t slouch – It shows your tired, lazy, and bored !
  • Don’t cross your arms – crossing your arms really gives a negative vibe to the interviewer.
  • Don’t frown or show any negative emotions – ( be as positive, professional, up-beat)


Proper way :

  • when you are standing, stand up straight  (there is an exercise you can practice and use for your benefit.)

Stand up straight, shoulders to your back, head looking straight. Now imagine you have a string on the top of your head pulling you towards the ceiling, ideally you want that to be your anchor to make you stand up straight.

  • strong firm handshake – when shaking your potential future employer or interviewer hand make sure you give them a strong ( not to strong ) but strong firm handshake. 
  • Make eye contact- Make eye contact at all times when you or your employer are speaking. ( this shows that you are confident and that you are listening and communicating well with your interviewer)
  •  Show you have mannerism –  If your potential employer does not offer you to have a sit: Request: ” May I have a sit” If approved, make sure you say “Thank you”
  • Sit down straight – show confidence sit down straight  ( Please don’t over do it, it can come up as insecurity if you over do this steps) hands away from the table/ desk, and  face.

Other do’s & Don’ts :

Don’t : 

  • I know you are nervous, but please don’t bit your nails or tap your pen/ pencil.
  • Do not use your phone, text, call or email in front of your interviewer
  • Don’t giggle or laugh to hard ( it comes out as unprofessional )
  • Don’t eat in front of your interviewer OR Chew gum ! ( this is a big one )


  • Do smile ( naturally )
  • Do turn your phone off  before going to your interview ! ( If you really have to have it on, please double check you have it in silent)
  • Do have a small breakfast (don’t eat a really heavy meal before your interview, you don’t want your stomach to be twisting and turning )

show your personality, employers want to give you an opportunity to be even more successful, they have been in your shoes before. so relax, be yourself ( personality wise) don’t be to serious or to comfortable. If they like you and are talking to you more, then go with the flow and talk about the same subject utilize that time to get to know them more . don’t tell them personal stores that you might think they can disqualify you. ( ex: your breakup, partying stories ) You are smart and have the potential to land this job 🙂


  • Dress professional ( view our 2nd post)
  • Take 3-4 copies of your cover letter and resume
  • Do greet the front desk receptionist ( sign in if needed )
  • Ask’s questions
  • leave with a positive mind
  • Ask them when you should follow up, and how they would like to be contacted ( via Phone or email) and remember to ask for a business card !
  •  follow up

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